Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The cable car up to the top of Yellow Mountain

It was ALL stairs, upstairs, downstairs, for six hours!!

Can you see the face in the rocks?

Bugs like Edwin :D

The place where we ate lunch!

The World Expo at Shanghai

More than 200 countries represented.

The China building


The Netherlands



Inside the Mexico pavilion

Inside the Israel pavilion

The Pearl Tower at Shanghai

At the Peking Duck restaurant!

The best meal I have EVER had in my life!!!

Duck hearts

Beijing at night in the rain.

The Forbidden City

The pots there are all so happy!

Bears at the Great Wall can do tricks :D

The roller coaster up to the Great Wall

The Great Wall of China

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Hello! One of the reasons I haven't blogged for more than a month :( is because Edwin and his parents and I went on a trip to Singapore and China!! Here are some pictures from Edwin's hometown.

Edwin's relatives had a SUPER cute dog named Russel! He barks really loud every time you try to leave the house, and jumps up and bats your leg to show you how angry he is that you are abandoning him!

In Singapore, you are not allowed to pee in the elevators.

Me and the literacy dinosaur at the Singapore Public Library

An art exhibit of postmodern cartoons

Casino/Resort/A Second Noah's Arc

A Singaporean mall from the outside

Edwin and I ready to go on the Luge!!

The Merlion

Edwin's cousins! They were so nice to us, they showed us around everywhere!!

On a huge ferris wheel

A reservoir/place for people to come and fly kites!

The family. But not all of it, not even close, haha! Edwin's parents have 9 or 10 siblings each.

Pictures from China coming later!